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Hixville Six Members are :

Furry Floyd Lewis - Guitar & vocals

"Born in Limbo, a long time ago…" Furry's been kicking around the music scene in various guises since he was old enough to walk. Witness to the legendary meeting of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love at TJs in '92 he joined the pilgrimage from Wales to the 'smoke soon after. Been playin'& payin' his dues ever since. Furry, in some other incarnations, has been gigging around London for what seems like years, and The Hixville Six has finally provided the outlet for all his deep inner musical urges! Aaaarrgghhhh!

J.B. - Guitar

"He'd been trainin' his mind for a long, long time…"
Playing' guitar since the age of 0, another refugee sent to roam the gold-paved streets of London from the beer soaked streets of Newport. Hooked up with Jake many years ago and the rest of the 'Six a couple of years back. Jake and JB having been honing their sound over the best part of a decade, finally arriving at the downhome unhoned swampmash that characterizes the SIX!


Jake D'Ville . Bass and vocals.

"With my big black dog behind me…"
A peculiar blackness lurks inside Dai Dis'aire AKA Jake D'Ville. Jake prays to a different god, you know, the one downstairs. The darkness inside Jake seeps out into songs like "Evil Woman" and accompanied by his Big Black Dog, Jakes inimitable bass lines underpin the Six's swampy vibe.

Cleetus . Drums
"Sheriff got a shotgun? He do!" Cleetus bangs them skins. Hard! The Six's latest recruit - following in the esteemed bum prints of the 47 other drummers that have occupied the Six's drum stool , Cleetus kicks butt with his driving hard hitting style.



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