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Pick 1
£1.50 Each
Pick 1 both sides
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These picks are made from a lovely tactile textured polymer, they are a little firmer than medium and play extremely well and don't forget most importantly they are HIXED!!

Pick 2
£1.50 Each
Pick 2 both sides
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The same as PICK 1 but graphically different - still an original HIX PICK so get them quick before we run out and show your friends how cool you really are!

Quick Joey T-Shirt
£30 Each
Quick Joey T-Shirt Print
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"Sold our soul to Diablo - Ain't never going home"

NOW AVAILABLE!! These Tee's are available in any size you want they are made from the best cotton in the world and are 100% washable

"pricey due to exceptional quality, but they are good"

Dirty Dealin T-Shirt
£30 Each
Dirty Dealin T-Shirt print
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It's sweet but Dirty Dealin'
GOOD GOD! I hear ya screamin'

Limited Availability on this T-Shirt, So order it before it goes. All sizes available.

"pricey due to exceptional quality, but they are good"

Hixville Six CD
£7.50 Each
5 track CD

1. Quick Joey Diablo
2. Devil on my Tail
3. Messaround
4. Evil Lady
5. Dirty Dealin'


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How to buy

To buy any Hixville Six Merchandise simply download The Hixville Six Order Form, print it, fill it in and post it with payment.

Download order form here

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You need to have PDF reader installed to view the order form, to download a copy of PDF reader Click here



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